Next Generation Trip – Rollin Karg Art Glass!

MCAC Next Generation Explorations:  The Rollin Karg Art Glass Trip.

Thank you to everyone that made this project a success!  All 4 school districts in Miami County (40 students) and art educators attended.

From our MCAC board representative, Sandy Hartley:

“What an honor to accompany forty art students and their art educators to Kechi, Ks and witness the unique features of each student exploring the art of glass blowing.  Because I was there, I saw a couple of seated students sketch books in hand creating new beginnings and knew this Coalition effort augments their exploration. The art of glassblowing is a unique window from which to view youth. Peeking in the small boxes of student purchased blown glass and watching students smile as they talked with a successful Kansas artist was a personal treasure.  I even saw a little bit of awe on some faces.  I have many pictures to share and know that the old idiom is verified once again:  “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

For me personally, seeing the joy in Rollin Karg’s eyes for a few seconds each time he talked with a student and knowing that this group of young people helped just a little to ease the pain of loss still so keenly felt by his wife, Patti’s absence is a memory etched in a grateful heart.

So ask me again, why am I an unpaid, community arts advocate?   I volunteer because it’s one of the most satisfying jobs I have ever had.”


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