2022 Next Generation Artists Reception!

What an amazing evening at our annual Next Generation Artists Reception!
Congratulations to PHS’s Elsie Fleming on “Best in Show”! She was awarded the Sandra Hartley Best in Show award with $250.
Congratulations to Paola High School (DeAnna Morgan teacher) for winning the Mary Ann Grimes Art Department Award! Their department receives $500!
We would also like to congratulate ALL of the Next Generation Artists that participated – there is so much talent in Miami County. You all are bringing our mission to life! All Miami County area High School students are welcome to enter their work.
Thank you to our beautiful venue – Town Square Paola
Many thanks to our beautiful Lady of the evening, Mary Ann Grimes, for your many years of dedicated service.
A last minute game changer . . . the beautiful string duo of Paul Stamper and PHS’s Rachel Reimer! Thank you SO much for giving us such beauty!
Thank you to our local School administrators for your support in attending!
And, of course, THANK YOU to our amazing crew for making it happen – Miami County Arts Coalition Board Members!

Link to Miami County Republic Article

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