Grand Opening Exhibit at new 3-D space in Reflections Gallery at the Miami County Medical Center in PAOLA.  The new space will accommodate smaller sculptures, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry and woodwork.  If you are interested in exhibiting please contact Sandra Hartley:  Email: or 913-557-3828.
We are also seeking artists interested in exhibiting at Reflections East in LOUISBURG:  The Miami County Arts Coalition will open a new art exhibit October 1, 2016 at Reflections East Gallery at ReMax in Louisburg, KS.  Interested artists should contact Sandra Hartley:  Email: or 913-557-3828.
Grace Villalobos of Environmental Works, 1731 Locust in KC,MO has sent out a call for artists in Miami County for being scheduled at their business location on First Friday’s. They are located on the edge of the Crossroads District in KC by Grinders.

As a group sometime the Heartland Art Guild could schedule a showing there but meanwhile I wanted to pass on this opportunity for those that individually wanted to make contact with Grace for more details and scheduling. Her contact number is 816-285-8410 and  gvillalobos@environmental  I have emailed Grace to let her know I’m getting the word out. She is good with artists coming by to see the location and amount of space available.

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