Artist Appreciation Event, Nov. 5th!

Our Artist Appreciation Event is coming up soon!  November 5th will be the BLACK AND WHITE GALA – ARTIST APPRECIATION EVENT.


MCAC Black and White Gala (Gala) is the first MCAC art centered event to honor and celebrate local artistic talent to be held on November 5, 2016 at the Town Square Event Center from 5:30 -8:30 p.m. Our goal is to connect members of the community with the mission of MCAC and with local culinary, visual and performing talent in order to enhance the arts and cultural fabric of our community.

The Gala will foster greater community awareness of MCAC programs and develop community support of those programs including Reflections Art Galleries in Paola and Louisburg, Music on the Square and Next Generation events focused on art students who attend schools located in Miami County.   MCAC does not charge admission to any of its events or its art galleries.  We do not receive a commission from the sales artists make through the gallery exhibits

The Gala is a celebration making art fun and interesting.  The Gala encourages invited guests to enjoy getting to know local artists personally by dining together. Guests will be seated at tables of 12 hosted by an honored local artist with centerpieces designed by local art students.  Dinner menus provided by culinary establishments from throughout the county will vary from table to table.  Why should ever plate be the same? Each table will be supported by a local winery providing a glass of wine to guests.  Guests will be invited to decorate a square brownie canvas at a dessert station with edible art.  There a little bit of artist in everyone.  Art work and musical performances will be featured on video screens providing contact information for guests wishing to purchase art work or musical services.

Attire for the event is anything black and white – black jeans, a white sport coat, motor cycle leathers, bridal gowns… After all- express yourself — it’s art and we need not all be dressed alike.  The Gala is not a fund raiser though it strives to be a “friend raiser.”  Our guests do not purchase tickets.  No Gala fees are charged to honored artists.  It is an invitational event requiring only that invited guests make a reservation in order to attend the event. Guest reservations are first come first serve. We do hope to have a small silent art auction but proceeds cannot this first year be expected to significantly defray MCAC expenses. If successful, MCAC would hope to hold a similar Gala every three to five years as part of our mission to CELEBRATE LOCAL ART !!!!!!

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